Bic Lighters

bic lighter

Disposable/ Refillable Original BIC Lighter J25 J26:

We supply quality Disposable/ Refillable BIC® Lighters to our clients all over the world at very competitive price. Our Bic Lighter meets consumer demands for quality and performance, with high technology manufacturing equipment and processes. All BIC® pocket lighters meet or exceed ISO 9994 safety standard specifications.


Key Points.

- Smooth and bright without trace of scratch or shrunken signs
- The rate of inflaming is over 98%, the inferior lighters is under 0.6%
- The time of continual inflaming can reach 2 minutes
- The tank would not explode when falling down within 1.5 meters high

- Plastic lighters,refillable, good hand feeling, Competitive price & high quality, Cheap price