Sesame Seeds


Sesame Seed Hulled Auto Dry Sortex 99.97% /99.98%
PURITY 99.97 % Min.
QUALITY  Color Sortex (Mech. Dried)
OIL CONTENT 48 %  —  50 % Min.
FFA 1 % Max.
ADMIXTURE 00.03 % Max.
  Sesame Seed Hulled Auto Dry Sortex 99.95%
PURITY 99.95 % Min.
QUALITY  Color Sortex (Mech. Dried)
OIL CONTENT 48 %  —  50 % Min.
FFA 2 % Max.
ADMIXTURE 00.05 % Max.
  Sesame Seed Hulled Auto Dry Sortex 99.90%
PURITY 99.90 % Min.
QUALITY  Color Sortex (Mech. Dried)
OIL CONTENT 48 %  —  50 % Min.
FFA 2 % Max.
ADMIXTURE 00.10 % Max.

Soybeans seeds


Soybean Seed is an herbaceous annual plant in the family Fabaceae. The soybean plant produces small white or purple flowers and curved seed pods which are 3–15 cm (1.2–6 in) in length and can contain between 1 and 5 seeds. The seeds can be a variety of colors including yellow, green, brown, black or a mottled combination. its used an edible seeds. Soybean seeds can be used to make flour and dairy substitutes such as milk, margarine and yogurt and meat substitutes such as veggie burgers. Oil can be extracted from both the seeds and pods and the by product of the extraction is used as an animal feed.


Its a rich protein and soybean oil content account for 56% of dry soybeans by weight (36% protein and 20% fat). The remainder consists of 30% carbohydrates, 9% water and 5% ash. soybeans comprise approximately 8% seed coat or hull, 90% cotyledons and 2% hypocotyl axis or germ.

Soybean is valued for its high (38–45%) protein content as well as its high (approximately 20%) oil content.
Soybean is processed into soybean meal and soybean oil and other ways or eaten whole.

flax seeds

Flaxseed is a rich source of healthy fat, antioxidants, and fiber. The seeds contain protein, lignans, and the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid, also known as ALA or omega-3.

The nutrients in flaxseed may help lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. For this reason, it is sometimes thought of as a functional food, a food that can be consumed to achieve health purposes.

Flax is one of the oldest fiber crops in the world.

· Flaxseed has long been thought to offer health benefits.

· It contains fiber, fat, protein, and various minerals and vitamins.

· These nutrients may offer protection against cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems.

· Consuming ground flaxseeds enables the body to absorb the nutrients more effectively.

· The therapeutic and beneficial properties of consuming flaxseed are not yet completely understood, and there is little evidence from high-quality research to confirm its benefits.

· However, it contains nutrients that may help prevent a number of health problems.

· Possible benefits include helping prevent cancer, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, and protecting against radiation.

mustard seeds

Small round seeds from the Mustard Plant. Used to create Mustard paste and in food as a flavor enhancer.

Benefits of Mustard Seed :

Contact Dermatitis
Cardiovascular Health
Poison Repulsion
Cholesterol Lowering Ability
Skin and Hair Care
Uses of Mustard Seeds :

Flavoring Agent
Flavor and Color
Processed Food Products

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seed kernels shine skin

Size: grade AA

Crop: 2018

Moisture: 7.5%max

Purity: 99.95%min

Admixture: 0.05%max

Broken: 3%max

Packing: in 25kgs paper bags or 12.5kgs X 2 vacuum sealed bags/25kg per carton net.

wheat seeds

Dry matter 89 %
Crude Protein 11.0 %
Fat 01.7 %
Crude fiber 02.5 %
Neutral Detergent Fiber 16.5 %
Acid Detergent Fiber 05.2 %
Calcium 0.05 %
Phosphorus 0.32 %
Total Digestible Nutrients 79.0 %

100% Organic Whole Raw Wheat Grain

Ideal for cooking, grinding and sprouting